There is a new law affecting the delivery of investment advice that is currently being phased into the regulatory mosaic of the financial services industry by the Department of Labor.  The new law is known as the Fiduciary Rule.  The goal of the new Fiduciary Rule is to prevent, minimize and disclose conflicts of interest when representatives provide investment advice on retirement assets.  Acting as a fiduciary sometimes means advising clients not to take action like investing their money.  Acting as a fiduciary can also mean advising a cl...

There has been a battle going on in Washington about how investment advice pertaining to your retirement savings will be delivered going forward.  For those who don’t know about the upcoming changes – known as the Fiduciary Rule - you need to educate yourself so that you understand the kind of advice you are receiving.  I don’t think most people want to be told they are getting unbiased advice when conflicts of interest exist.  Let me explain:  In the financial advice business there are two separate standards of client care.  They are known...


The updated map shows the latest foretasted track of Hurricane Irma and...

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