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Dividend & Momentum Investment Strategies

Creating the Best Mix for Your Risk Tolerance

Global Rising Dividend

For Rising Dividend Income and Capital Appreciation

The Global Rising Dividend Portfolio is designed to be suitable for the income and capital appreciation portion of a client's portfolio. The portfolio will generally consist of a mix of high quality and deep value stocks that Emerald Asset Management, Inc. believes has the ability to collectively pay dividends that are higher than the dividend yield on the S&P 500, whose dividends are expected to increase over time and whose price is expected to appreciate in value.  The investment universe is U.S. and Global equities, with a bias towards large cap stocks.  The portfolio is expected to be fully or as close to fully invested as possible at all times.  We rely on rigorous fundamental analysis and diversification to control risk by investing in companies that we believe are of high quality and / or are significantly undervalued. While the portfolio will generally be invested in equities, the portfolio can invest up the capital structure to meet its investment objectives.  Portfolio turnover is expected to be low to moderate.


Global Capital Appreciation

For Capital Appreciation

The Global Capital Appreciation Portfolio is designed to be suitable for the aggressive growth portion of a client's portfolio. Emerald Asset Management, Inc. will purchse stocks that we believe have the ability to appreciate in value based on earnings growth and earnings momentum.  Deep value and special situation stocks can be opportunistically included in the portfolio.  The investment universe is U.S. and Global Multi—cap equities. The portfolio is tactically managed based on our proprietary risk management system that helps us to determine whether to increase or decrease investment risk based on market trends, Federal Reserve Policy and sentiment.  Technical analysis and in particular relative strength, also known as momentum, is the primary tool that we use to determine sector weightings. The portfolio at times can be concentrated in a few sectors or securities.  Rigorous fundamental analysis supported by technical analysis is used for security selection and risk management.  Portfolio turnover is expected to be moderate to high.  


Also, please note - Active Share is measured and expected to generally be high.  To learn more about Active Share click here.


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