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Fixed Income Investment Capabilites

For Income, Safety and a Complete Asset Allocation

EAM Customized Bond Strategies


We build custom bond portfolios to meet the needs of investors having a wide range risk tolerances and investment goals.  A well constructed bond portfolio can stand-alone as a total portfolio or as part of a broader asset allocation strategy.  There are many reasons that an investor might choose to allocate some or all of their investment capital to fixed income securities. Investors usually invest in bonds to either provide a predictable stream of income, fund a known liability at a known future time or as part of an overall asset allocation strategy that is designed take the volatility out of an equity portfolio.  In today’s low interest rate environment a high quality properly structured bond ladder can be a great alternative to investing in CDs.  


We Can Help you with:


  • Municipal Bonds for Tax Free Income

  • U.S. Treasury Securities for Safety of Principal

  • Corporate Bonds to Pick Up Extra Yield







The value of fixed income securities fluctuates and investors might receive more or less than their original investments if sold prior to maturity.  Investments in debt securities involve a variety of risks, including credit risk, interest rate risk and liquidity risk.  Investments in debt securities rated below investment grade (commonly referred to as 'junk bonds') might be subject to greater levels of credit risk and liquidity risk than investments in investment grade securities. Investors who own fixed income securities should be aware of the relationship between interest rates and the price of those securities.  As a general rule, the price of a bond moves inversely with changes in interest rates.



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