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Portfolio Review Services

Be confident with an objective second opinion on your current portfolio

The two types of risk that most fixed income investors are concerned about are credit risk and interest rate risk.


We can perform a thorough credit analysis of your bond portfolio to help you understand the level of credit risk you are taking.  We can also perform a ‘Shock Analysis’ to give you an idea of the volatility that you should expect for a bond portfolio under various interest rate scenarios.  


By taking advantage of these two services, you can better understand the risks and potential downside inherent with a specific portfolio of bonds. Then, you can decide whether or not that level of risk is acceptable.  We can also make suggestions to help you mitigate risk and strive for better risk adjusted returns.


Portfolio reviews complimentary to EAM clients and available to non-clients at a rate of $350 per hour.


With our Free Online Portfolio Risk Analysis


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